There was a long period in my life that, like so many others. I had become blind. Desensitized.....Normal. A long time ago I watched the photography students in school and wished I could join them, but never asked. I did not realize until twenty years later that this was what I wanted, better yet needed, to do. While working with and photographing the homeless in Houston a strange thing happened....I felt. I felt their emotion as it was frozen in time and it changed me. From that moment I saw things differently everywhere I went. The 'normalcy' of the world around me and my family. The emotions that so many hide but can't help but release at certain moments. It is all there, if only we were not blinded by the lives we lead.

Capturing the moments between poses

This is where I live, where I work, where I long to be. The posed shots are often a requirement and I will happily oblige but do not be surprised when I am shooting between those moments. That is where the magic happens. that is when real life....real emotion comes alive. My style? I can only call it authentic.  Rather than trendy images that suit the 'right now', I strive to tell a story that generations may enjoy. The goal is for you, my client, to relive the moment captured when seen in print rather than only see a beautiful image.

From a quaint family gathering to the largest of events; I look forward to telling your story and recording it for generations to see.

A little about me:  I am married to an amazing woman (Mary Grace) who blessed me with an awesome son. When I am not at a wedding or 'on the job', you will almost always find me at home with them as there is no one else I would rather spend my time with. We are 'that couple' whom spend all of their time together and even homeschool our son. My family is everything to me! Of any possible job I could do, weddings are, by far, my favorite. There are few days when every person in attendance is smiling, joyful and happy to be there....and I get to capture all of it!  I am always very personable and easy to reach and talk to and it would be hard to find someone with more dedication and a more 'perfectionist' attitude for your day. I consider it an honor to be chosen to witness the joining of two people in love and be the one to re-tell that story for generations to come.

Working with me

There are few people with whom you will spend more time than your photographer, from the first meeting until the end of your wedding day. We will be spending a lot of time together and having a lot of conversations. This why I always insist that we are a 'good fit' and this is easily determined in the first consultation. That 'fit' and matching personalities is an important factor to me and it should be for you as well when choosing something as important as your photographer. While schedules vary and finding time can, sometimes, be difficult for some; I love meeting my potential clients and I want nothing less than for you to feel 100% comfortable with me. So let's get together and talk about you; how you met, the things you love to do, what your vision is for your wedding day. Whether over coffee, a drink or dinner; breaking the ice is always a wonderful first step.

The next step is planning an engagement session and this is where we really begin getting comfortable with each other! When hiring me, an engagement session is a gift to all of my clients and something I always look forward to! You are looking at this page and considering hiring me because you love my work...I want you to love me as well! My goal is always to give my clients images that amaze them and this takes more than just taking a few photos. Your comfort is what makes an image great, it shows in the face, in the eyes, and this is the time where I get to see just how a couple 'is' together and build on that, capturing moments that will be treasured for years to come. Of course, you may be the couple that doesn't want the session and I understand that. Let's have dinner a drink or two; On me! 

By the time the wedding day gets here, my clients know how I work and trust that we will do exactly what we were hired to do. I'm not the 'fly on the wall' photographer who remains unseen throughout the reception. I take the approach of being part of the party. I love to get to know your friends and family, mix it up on the dance floor and be available whenever needed. We are hired to give you our best and capture the best of your day; that means getting your guests comfortable with us as well! Ultimately, and by the time the wedding day is over, I want to do much more than give you great photos; I want you to feel like you've gained a friend and lifelong photographer.



I always reserve final pricing for our first discussion or consultation; let's have coffee together!. I work differently than many in my field and do not work by the same 'package' system as many do. My job is to tell the story of your wedding day, for generations to see, so I am always there for the story in it's entirety. No hourly packages here. They're just too generic for a day thats everything but. Our services are priced on your needs from us; a single photographer, multiple shooters, video services, albums and prints; call it an a la carte approach to telling the story of your wedding day. We are able to work with a variety of budgets so, please, feel free to contact us at any time!

Most dates are booked with us 8 to 10 months in advance but never hesitate to call if yours is sooner as we may have the day available and I don't want to miss out on working with you if you love what I do!

I look forward to hearing from you!