Inspiration comes in different measures for different people. At times in life, when the ‘real world’ controls you, it may be hard to find or notice things that could be truly inspiring. At other times you could be going about your daily business and something slaps you across the face that stays with you until you do something about it. The stories I plan to tell come from one of those moments.

For many years of my life I had thoughts of somehow, someway, helping out our local homeless community. I thought about it often but, as time went by, never acted on those thoughts….out of sight, out of mind.

On the evening of July 2nd, 2011 a group of my very close friends and I were in Downtown Houston doing a short film shoot. While walking down the ‘river walk’ of Buffalo Bayou I noticed a homeless man sleeping on the sitting area on the footpath. His breathing was very labored, but alas, he was breathing. I chalked it up to drunkenness, drugs, the difficulty of his life….and walked on.

We were shooting only steps away from where he rested. Just a few moments later, we heard from passersby that emergency services had been called; there was a man whom had passed away, on a bench area, just steps away. Sure enough; the man who slept as we walked by, who’s breathing was so labored, was actually taking his last breaths of life as we walked by. We were the last people to witness the ‘life’ of this gentleman.

A bit of guilt ensued in the following days since witnessing this. This man was our brother, a fellow human; down on his luck in one way or another. A man who had been ignored by people like you and me. We do not know His story and I can only hope that his family, wherever they may be, were made aware of the day this happened and he could be laid to rest gracefully. 

There are stories of many others though; My goal, my hope, and my prayer is that the inspiration gained from this allows me to tell a portion of these stories to those of you reading along. That this may, in some way, inspire you and others to lend a hand where it is truly needed. What happened to this young man could truly happen to any of us if the circumstances found us at the wrong time……

Try to forget about everything in your own life for a moment, be it good or bad, and reflect…Has there ever been a moment in in your life that you were truly down on your luck? A moment in time where; If a single wrong turn was taken, you lose everything? If not you, maybe a friend, a family member?

Most of us have either been there, or known someone who has. Most of us, as well, had support in one form or another that helped us to turn in the right direction… clear the fog….to move on with our lives.

What about those who don’t?

If you are willing; I ask that you follow along and stay tuned to this section of my site, if nothing else. They deserve to have their stories heard, if only we would stop and listen....