Homeless in Houston

Over the past few years, I have spent a tremendous amount of personal time with people in our city's homeless community. I've gone from big dreams of grand non-profit status to the point of almost giving up and every where in-between over this period of time but to give up is not an option at all for one very simple reason:

Many of my dearest friends are, or once were, homeless people....It is something I am rather proud to admit if I have pride in anything at all. When you offer yourself as a friend to them and they do so in return, there is simply nothing worldly in the way and no walls to blind one's view. Something dawned on me recently that troubled me deeply, however. In a few of the communities that I visit there are men and women that see few others ever give them a second of their time. Sure there are church groups that come and go, pass a sandwich out and say a prayer; but many of them leave and may never return and get to know the ones they encountered. In essence, there was no love, no relationship, no compassion. What dawned on me here in the beginning of 2016 is this:

If I were to pass on today and never be able to touch these people again; have I led anyone else to do the same? Have I taught others to follow the same path? Would these people, our brothers and sisters in this world, be simply forgotten except for in the small moments of a passing visitor bringing a meal?

I stopped publicly posting a lot of things about the topic and of my journey due to it not being about me and wanted no one to see it as that. I must, however, tell their stories as they are told to me in hopes that someone else may listen and may hear and, hopefully, decide that they must do something as well. This page is my dedication to those who need it the most. This is my way of, hopefully, leading someone else, maybe you, to opening your heart to those that live with so much less....Before they are forgotten.

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