Let’s face it; the market is saturated with photographers these days and your job is becoming harder than it ever has to find the right fit for you and your day. The purpose of this page is to help you in your decision making, whether you choose me or not; you deserve to have what you see as ‘The Best’ on the most important day of your life. Today, in order to find that person, you must do a little digging sometimes to determine the right fit for you. The below items are a good start in assisting you to find the right person or company.


Of all environments where photography is required, few require an expert more than a wedding day. Every aspect of a photographer’s skills are often brought into play. The environment is ever changing with every change in location, weather, lighting, etc. A great Wedding Photographer will have both the technical know how, as well as the creativity to provide a great product. Some may have a great eye for details but lack in technical skills once things go dark. Others may be technically perfect, yet struggle for truly creative images and seeing the emotion unfolding. Finding a photographer who has both traits is not as easy as asking them but it is something that will set your photos apart when your wedding day is over.


If you were in search of a fine dining experience, you would typically seek out a restaurant with a history and a chef with a mass of experience; would you not? A special dinner can be recreated; your wedding day happens once. Seeking a photographer with real working experience in weddings is key to ensuring things go smoothly. is the photographer you are looking at truly a professional photographer or is this a weekend gig or extra income for them? How many weddings have they shot? These can turn into very important questions to ask. Experience is important for many reasons as professionals have been there for the best and worst of moments and events and are knowledgeable in working through them without missing a step. True experience comes from being a lead so a great question to ask is always something like; ‘how many weddings have you photographed as a lead photographer’, rather than as a second. Where have they had the creative control to recreate your story in photos?


One of the most common questions we receive from potential clients these days is; ‘How many photos will you take on our wedding day?’. It’s really an impossible question to answer as everyone’s day is different. The products offered in packages are another point to address in the section as well. Always focus on quality over quantity. The photos you receive should all be fantastic, not a select few with hundreds to fill the gap in between. Your hard products; prints and albums, should be of the same exemplary quality as well and sometimes it is best to cut these items from a package and wait until your budget allows for them. A professional photographer will always keep your photos for a period of time and you can always order that album months later.It will be much more appreciated than anything you could piece together yourself from one of the many online sources and will last generations longer as well.


This topic could easily be the first in line. There is no person you will spend more time with on your wedding day than your photographer. They will be with you from the intimate moment so f getting ready until the end of the party and their personality is so important. Are they personable? Are they someone you want to be around? Are they someone you want your mother and friends to spend time with? Great photographs often come from a comfortable environment and that environment is built upon the attitudes and personalities of those present. Always choose a photographer whom you feel comfortable with and can build a rapport with. Your wedding day experience will be greatly added to if you choose a photographer who’s personalities matches your own.

These are only a few items meant to help you on your search for your photographer. There are always other questions and thoughts and I am happy to answer any that you may have, at any time. Email or call any time!