Houston Wedding Photographer - Athena + Arther - Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral

I often speak of how I enjoy meeting couples long before their wedding date. The 'getting to know each other' part of the job is one of the most enjoyable portions. As a photographer, it is one of the most treasured parts of the job. This wedding day was different (as many often are!). Short notice and a busy couple meant a few conversations on the phone and a few emails before showing up for the first meeting on the wedding day!

The warmth and sincere generosity from the bride, her family and friends were instantly noticeable. No stress, no worries, only a smiling bride who was excited for her day.

The day began with hair and make-up, of course, and I must mention it here because the gentleman in charge was fantastic. In addition to being great at their profession, a bride needs their artist to be calming, relaxed and able to project those qualities to everyone around them.

Umar, with Beauty by Umar, was fantastic. Not only was he great at his work, but calm and extremely friendly. A relaxing environment for a bride on her day, I'm sure, is always appreciated and he did a wonderful job with Athena (Not that she needed much at all).

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral is a place to behold. You simply could not ask for a more beautiful church to have a wedding.

As the day went on it was easy to see why these two were marrying today. Wedding days are always happy days. These two, however, never stopped smiling and their smiles were contagious. Couples like Athena & Arther are what makes my job easy. How can you not enjoy capturing moments for these two!

Athena & Arther, I wish you both the absolute best in life and know that nothing but good will come for the two of you. Always keep those smiles on each other's faces and nothing can touch you! You, your family and all of your friends were simply awesome. Thank you for choosing me to capture the memories of your day!

Also, a huge thanks to Jim Stamos (an excellent videographer, should you ever need one) for the referral....You are awesome sir!