Super Hero Heart Run 2015 - Houston, TX

A little under eight years ago a miracle happened in the life of our family. My niece, Hannah, was born missing some very important portions of her heart.  None of us knew much about congenital heart defects in children but an enormity was learned over the years to come. One of those things learned is that congenital heart defects are the most common of all possible issues in children across the world today. Think about that for a moment and then imagine what these children go through from young children, sometimes, into adulthood. 

My niece, for instance, has had 3 heart surgeries and she is only close to turning 8. She is a wonderfully healthy young lady now but those close to her vividly remember how tiny she was when her first open heart surgery took place, at one day old. Thousands of Children in our nation alone go through this every single year.

I was proud to be a part of the Super hero Heart Run here in Houston, TX. It was a chance for everyone who attended to adorn themselves with their best super hero costumes and clothing and get out and support the children and families affected by CHD. 

The children and adults who have grown up through this are called Heart Heroes, and they truly are heroes for all they they have gone through in their young lives, yet still carry the biggest smiles you’ve ver seen.

In addition to the children however; I must say that the families, the doctors, the caregivers, the organizers of events such as these and every single person who supports them….They are ALL heroes in my book and in the books of all of the families that are connected through CHD.

If you did not make this run, you can still do your part in helping to see that events such as this can happen in many other cities across our nation. All you have to do is go HERE and donate what you can to the cause. I am sure they will be back and next year I hope you all might join us for a morning of fun in support of all people and children affected by CHD.

Over 1,000 people showed up bright and early to Sugarland Memorial park this morning, many dressed as their favorite super hero and almost every one of them wearing a huge smile. It was a wonderful time for a wonderful cause and I couldn’t be more proud to have played a role in this event.

About The Super Hero Heart Run: The Superhero Heart Run is the nation’s first superhero-themed family-friendly fun run specifically committed to raising awareness, support, and funding for kids with congenital heart defects (CHD).   Heart Heroes, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated providing superhero capes to kids born with congenital heart defects, is continuing their nationwide 5K and 2K walk/run to raise widespread awareness and support for Heart Heroes across the country.

Launching in Omaha, Nebraska in 2013, the Heart Run brings people adorning superhero capes, running and walking next to Heart Heroes in the community.  And now, people are suiting up in their superhero gear all across the country (and world!) to create the most highly-visible event that has ever existed for CHD awareness. Heart Heroes is actively partnering with national and local CHD organizations to act in a collaborative effort to bring about participation in this event.

Your participation will help raise awareness for CHD. Funds raised will be used to not only provide superhero capes to CHD kids throughout the country through Heart Heroes, but provides family support events and activities as well as funding for research and education.

Heart Heroes is working collaboratively with other CHD-focused organizations to jointly offer the Superhero Heart Run on a broader scale. These  partnerships include Mended Little Hearts and Children’s Heart Foundation.