Houston Wedding Photography - The Woodlands Resort - Brittany + Sidney

One thing is certain:  Every single person who attended the wedding day of these two had an amazing time. All one had to do was simply look around to be consumed with the same joy that everyone else was feeling.

I have said far too many times that the venue is a major choice for many reasons; always included in those reasons are the photos that come after. The Woodlands Resort is one of those special places that is, simply put, beautiful. There is not a place you can go on their property that is not surrounded by something beautiful. Along with the smiling faces and happy people, this makes my job far too easy! Everything about the venue, the hotel, the staff and all included were simply spectacular and one would never be disappointed by choosing such a place for their wedding day.

Brittany & Sidney; as you enjoy your honeymoon I only hope you know how honored we were to be with you and your family on your wedding day. It was fantastic, every moment of it, and your family and friends are amazing and wonderful people who made us feel like a member of their very own.

I have placed a few samples from your day below and I hope that everyone enjoys them...there will be MANY more to come! Best wishes for your future and never lose those smiles that so easily come in each other's presence!

I have to give a couple of shout-outs here as well... Melanie at BridalMakeupMD did a fantastic job on the ladies and was awesome to work with. She, and the team, can be reached through www.bridalmakeupmd.com.

And I can not finish without a sincere thank you to Lauren Laughern at The Woodlands Resort. She was an amazing coordinator and, you can just tell, an awesome person as well. If you are considering the Resort as your chosen venue, she would be a wonderful person to speak with....http://www.woodlandsresort.com/weddings_events/

And finally, Joel Gutowski (My second and associate shooter)...You rock sir!