Houston Wedding Photography - Ouisie's Table - Dani & Jonathan

A funny story begins my little journey with Daniella & Jonathan….We have all had one of those days when the phone rings…and rings…and rings…and it is nothing but sales and spam calls, right? The very first time Daniella called me was on the evening of one of those days. A number I didn’t know called and a voice on the other end of the line says; ‘Yes, hello, who am I speaking with?’ Now any reasonable person would simply answer the question but after the many calls that day my reply was something like; ‘Well you called me so you should know who your calling.’

I was probably more than a few shades of red after that first conversation and, to be very honest, I told my wife shortly after that I would probably never hear from Daniella again. I felt absolutely horrible! But she called back and soon we had wonderful meeting, discussed their day and they stuck with me! I always say, and truly believe, how lucky I am to do the job that I do and witness the sharing of so much love on a regular basis; I know in this instance that increases ten-fold!

High school sweethearts, Dani & Jonathan met in their freshman year and here they are today. Quite honestly one of the sweetest and caring couples I have ever met, I can’t even elate how honored I am to have been the one to capture their memories.

Everything began at Brush & Blush Blow Dry Bar where the ladies were all pampered wonderfully. This place is awesome. The staff were all friendly and the manager, Greer, was one awesome person as well! They did a perfect job on Daniella and all of the ladies there.

From there we were off to the Hotel Granduca (How can one go wrong there) and then to one of my favorite wedding spots to work at, Ousie’s Table. I have said it before, I truly love this place. The restaurant/venue is beautiful. The staff, from the service members to management are all wonderful and always ensure the night goes smoothly. Finally, the food…If you haven’t been, you need to go; it is delicious!

Dani & Jonathan - Thank you so much for trusting in me to capture the memories of your day. You make an amazing and beautiful couple and the love you both share is easy to see by anyone who may be looking. The hospitality of your families was amazing as well and every single person I met was a pleasure to spend time with. I can see where you both get it! I wish you both the absolute best for your future together but know, with the faith you both share, nothing will break the two of you…

I hope you enjoy the few samples from the wedding day while we work on the remainder!