Houston Wedding Photography - Sacred Heart Catholic Church - Liliana & David

Emotion and Beauty....The two things I strive to capture more than any others on any particular wedding day. Friday's wedding was not lacking in either department during either stretch of the day! 

One of the longer days I have spent with any couples, Liliana & David's day began bright and early for make-up. I won't lie, when I drove up to a home studio for her session I was not expecting much. Upon entering the door, however, those thoughts changed immediately! Sheila Ybarra has a beautiful studio in her home and does amazing work as well. If the rest of the day held what the make-up session did, this day was going to be a great one.

You can't find a church that is more beautiful than Sacred Heart in Downtown Houston. The couples home church is, quite simply, beautiful and photographs tremendously well. These two would have done so wherever they had chosen though! From the church we drove across town to La Fontaine in Northwest Houston. This was a venue I had not been to before and, once again, I had no clue what to expect. Upon entering, however; the venue was absolutely gorgeous and decorated beautifully. Somewhere around 300 people had the time of their lives on this night and celebrated non-stop. 

I am not sure if I have ever met a person that smiled as much as Lili did through her entire day. It was contagious as well, as everyone in attendance wore that same smile for the duration of the night. Lili...your cheeks must have been sore this weekend!

Lili & David - I can't tell you how honored I am to have spent the day with you, your family and friends. Everyone was simply wonderful and made our entire team feel like family as well. We wish you both the best through your future together and you will always remain in our prayers. I hope you all enjoy these few samples from the day while we work on the rest!

Make-Up:   Make Up By Sheila - Sheila Ybarra is awesome! Check her out and don't hesitate to book her!

Ceremony:  Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral

Reception:  La Fontaine